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Let it rain…let it rain….we woke up to the pouring rain in Philly…what a dampener…literally. Thank goodness my bro brought a poncho and a brolly. So, braving the rain, we went down the bus and took a quick picture of Independence Hall, which is featured on the $100 bill.

Below is the Liberty Bell that the Brits gave to America. It used to be lugged around during battle. Can you imagine? You’re fighting and two dudes have to ‘protect’ this bell? Maybe hiding inside would be safer…lol

Philadelphia is also famous for being the city of…Benjamin Franklin, one of the forefathers of the USA. It’s no wonder that he’s also on the $100 bill.

Speaking of money…we went to the Mint where they manufacture coins. Gor and I couldn’t help but think, “I wanna see where they manufacture the NOTES!” Well, we’ll only pass by it in D.C.

After visiting the United States Mint, we were on our way to Washington D.C. and on the $50 note is….

That’s not the White House…hahaha…some of you were thinking that, right? Don’t deny!!! It’s Capitol Hill, my dears 🙂

The weather in D.C was fantastic! It was nice and ‘warm’ (think 18-20 deg C) and it felt like Spring. Afterwards, we went off to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History which is the museum where the movie “Night at the Museum” is based on.

Ladies, I bet you’ll like the following….

Look at the size of the Hope Diamond *eyes bulging*!!

Marie Antoinette’s earrings….beautiful!!!
Pink Diamond!!! I want!!!!!!

This is a real life screen of the earthquakes in the world. Did you know that there are earthquakes happening in the world all the time, just that most of them are so small that you hardly feel a thing.

Doesn’t this look familiar? Yup…its the Easter Island Statue that was featured in the movie.

This is then the White House.

The above is the National Christmas Tree. I kid you not. They’ve got a National Christmas Tree. I’m surprised that Singapore didn’t come up with a similar thing…but then, Singapore has to be non-religious right?

That’s the Lincoln Memorial and below is the actual thing!

Washington Memorial from Jefferson Memorial. Yup…the place is full of memorials…well, it IS the capital…

Jefferson Memorial.
Washington Memorial from the Lincoln Memorial with the reflection pool.
Korean War Memorial.
Below is the Vietnam War Memorial.
My favourite photo of the mauve sky below.

Yet another day goes by and it’s time to head off to dinner and our hotel. Tomorrow will be another chapter 🙂

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