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Hi all.  Apologies for the hiatus but as I’ve explained, I have been very busy studying for my CMFAS exams.  Anyhows, I also had promised to come up with some Christmasy products which I did in one night! Tada….

Kimono flower ear studs
Agate Spiral Bracelet
This is a personal favourite.  The colours are so bright and cheery…suits Christmas to a T! Thus, I named it the Christmas Ribbon earrings.  I know…not very creative. Haha…
Continuing with the Ribbon theme is this dewdrop earrings.  I just felt that the purple is such a sweet colour and the blue faceted crystal bead really complements it.
Now, for the luxe creation.  This necklace is made with 14k gold plated parts (including the hooks) and with quartz ‘tear drops’.
 Above – Gothic Heart SOLD
I love the burst of red and gold in this bracelet.  Really makes a statement!!

For those who prefer something a lot more subdued.  This long chain necklace will suit them perfectly. Simple, clean but yet has that fun element in it.
I still have another necklace but I couldn’t take a good shot of it because it is sooo long.  I can’t wait to take a good shot of it and post it up soon as I think it’s a piece that’s so sweet and easy to match! 
Above pieces can be viewed and purchased at www.oct1983.com.sg.  Do feel free to email me if you have any queries and don’t forget that I do accept customisation orders!
Merry Christmas folks!

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