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Heya…here are my nails for this week!  I’m going with the Mid-Autumn theme with jade bunnies!  🙂

1.  Base coat of pastel yellow from The Face Shop.  Make sure this coat is dry before doing step 2.
2.  Stripe of white (some cheapo brand…). You MUST do 2 coats of this.
3.  I lined the white stripes with silver using The Face Shop’s silver dot pen
4.  Pasted on these cute little bunnies and placed 2 white crystals.
5.  Seal it all with top coat

Note: I didn’t use any nail glue because I find it a pain to remove.  I only use top coat to stick on both the bunnies and the crystals while it is still wet.  I then top it all off with another layer of top coat to ensure that everything sticks.

I wanted to try out the water marbling art but I found out that you can only try it if your nail polishes are new.  Otherwise, it becomes clumpy and you can’t get it to marble well.  Ah well…will continue experimenting!

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