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I’ve been so sick of eating food cooked outside that I decided to do a little cooking of my own. It’s also part of me celebrating the fact that I can eat prawns (shellfish in general) now!!!  So, above is a relatively healthy meal of stir fried prawns with bacon, broccoli and cherry tomatoes on a bed of garlic mash and topped with red & white cheddar.

My cooking is really simple – I first boiled the potatoes (2 in this case) with a little salt and when it was soft enough to mash, I simply drained the water and started mashing it in the saucepan.  To that, I added a dash of truffle salt, butter and garlic powder.  If you have, add in some milk/ cream.  This will really boost the flavours and make it smoother as well as moist.

While my mash was being done, I heated a frying pan and melted some butter (I was trying to use up my butter) to which I then added minced garlic (mm…don’t you love the smell of frying garlic?) and then proceeded to stir fry the broccoli and the bacon.  Finally, I tossed in the prawns and the cherry tomatoes.  DO NOT add salt.  The bacon is salty enough to flavour it all.  Lightly bruise some of the tomatoes to get the juices out and this will be your sauce.  If you really like a lot of gravy…I think you can improvise accordingly. 😛

Prep time: 15 min
Cooking time:  30 min (it takes about 10-15 min for the potatoes to be fully cooked.  4 min if you’re using the microwave)

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