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Yet another day in chef mode!  This time round, it’s pan-seared tuna with spaghetti done primavera style.  If you notice, I pan-seared the tuna such that it’s still pink in the middle.  That’s how I like my tuna…and not the crap that comes in cans.

While I was chopping up my garlic, bacon and french beans, I started boiling water to cook my spaghetti.  My favourite brand of spaghetti is Barilla.  I think it’s the best and I like to use their No. 5 or No. 7 as I prefer that sort of thickness.  I used No. 5 this time and cooked it for 8 minutes to that it’s al dente.

Tuna – not much needs to be done except to season it with a little salt and pepper before searing it on a very hot grill/ frying pan.  The time to pan sear it really depends on the thickness of your tuna steak.  For me, the best way to check is just to visually look at how cooked it is from the side.  Normally, you’ll turn a piece of fish/ meat over once you see that it’s cooked halfway through.  In this instance, I let it get cooked only one-third of the way before I flipped it to the other side.  Once the other side is done another third, take it out and set aside.

To same pan, I add olive oil and start to brown the garlic.  After which, I added the bacon and finally the french beans.  To deglaze any tuna bits (the parts that kinda stuck to the pan), I used vodka.  Feel free to use white wine or just water.  The alcohol will burn off at that heat anyway.  Once the whole mixture simmers, I just toss in the spaghetti and then plate it.  Again, no need for salt because the bacon is salty enough.

Slice the tuna and then serve on top of the spaghetti.  Believe me when I say that this meal is simple and delicious!!

Prep time:  5 min
Cooking time:  15 min

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