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This is the second time that I’ve eaten at Nam Nam noodles, located at B1 of Raffles City Shopping Centre.  Being adventurous, I decided to go for their dry beef stew noodles.  For $9.90, I think this is really quite a bargain in the city.  I forgot to mention that I didn’t want the onions and spring onions…

Well, their noodles were springy and the gravy wasn’t too salty.  Problem was…there wasn’t enough gravy and I kept topping the noodles with fish sauce which eventually made it too salty.  With no accompanying soup, I suggest inhaling this dish within 3 minutes if you want it to remain moist and not sticky.

Such a shame considering that each element of the dish was really good! That said…I’m going to stick to the soup noodles. Oh…I noticed that they’ve since changed their breakfast service time to 8-10am! Kudos to that! Yup…I’m going to try their Bahn mi soon.

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