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I don’t know why the hearts turned out looking orange in the photo above but they’re really red in real life.  Decided to do something really HOT red because I seldom do so.  What do you think?  This nail art is very easy to mimic and all I can say is that remember to put several coats of top coat and place the hearts when the nail polish is still very wet!  I didn’t do either and by the end of the day, all the hearts on my left index finger dropped while some on the right hand have dropped and flipped upwards.  Top coat is your friend! Remember to press down hard on the plastic hearts too!!

Otherwise, I’m generally pleased with this design. 🙂  No OPI nail polishes used this time round.  Just cheap off-the-shelves $3.90 ones.  Use red, black, gold or bronze glitter, gold or orange crystal and heart plastic hearts.

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