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Siew Mai and I decided to meet for dinner at La Petite Cuisine again, after our nice experience there the first time.  This time round, I decided to spoil myself with the Veal ($29) which came along with spaghetti and what I think is Chanterelle mushrooms.  The veal chops were really tiny but really tender.  It was a little on the salty side but forgivable when you mix the whole thing with the spaghetti.  I found it really amazing that the spaghetti was really tasty on its own too.  Perhaps there might be some butter involved.

I wished that the price was a little lower.  Especially for the amount (or lack) of veal.  I really would not have minded if they used cheaper button mushrooms.  Really.  More meat please.  Otherwise, it was still an excellent meal!

Siew Mai went for the Canard Confit ($17) and I took a bite.  Comparing it with Saveur’s Duck Confit ($10.90), I would say that La Petite’s version tastes a little more ‘fried’ and it’s a lot heavier since they paired it with a serving of potato gratin.  Saveur’s version is a bit lighter, choosing to do away with the starch and giving you slices of mandarin oranges to cut back on the fat.  Sorry but I think for the price and presentation, Saveur wins this round.

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