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During my hospitalisation leave, I was bitten by the craft bug.  Specifically, the crochet bug.  It started with this:

Which was eventually turned into this:

You probably have to tilt your head to the right.  It’s a small pouch and I made it as a Christmas present for Moon.  I made a purple one for Sing too.  Haha. Yes…handmade with love from moi.  After finishing the pouches, I went onto another yarn which I had fallen in love with:

Yes, I bought it simply because it was on sale and I love the colour.  But I did buy it with an actual project.  I crocheted a simple shrug that’s so snug and warm.  Below is a horrid photo of me but it gives you an idea of how it’s worn.

So after this shrug, I decided to make another one for my aunt because she’s the only one I know who’d appreciate such a gift.  For her, I decided to use the super puka-puka (ok…fluffy) yarn.

Resembles a cat’s tail, doesn’t it?  Due to its fluffy nature, this yarn is not easy to crochet with but the good thing is that it’s very forgiving to mistakes.  I’m still in the midst of completing her shrug because it’s not easy to put in the hours once I started work.  I guess she’ll have to wait till Spring to get the completed shrug.  Doesn’t help that I am making hers longer because I found mine a little too short for my liking.

I can completely go into housewife mode now.  Crochet/ Knit/ Cook/ Bake. Oh gosh…really housewife material but nobody wants me as a housewife! LOL.

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