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Warning! This post contains a potentially disgusting photo which may make you squirm before cursing and swearing at me.  Others may react differently with fascination.  No matter what…you’ve been warned.  Scroll down at your own discretion.

Now, for those who use this product regularly, you’ll recognise that this is a pore pack to remove white and blackheads.  That’s a heck of a lot of blackheads that I’ve never seen before on my fortnightly pore pack ritual.  Moreover, A LOT of large blackheads were easily removed by the pore pack!  I stuck a pore pack on my chin too and I garnered a similar effect – more blackheads/whiteheads removed than previously. I wish that I had a photo of a pore pack before I started using Clarisonic but alas, I forgot.

This has to be the power of the Clarisonic.  It must’ve loosened up the heads and made them easily extracted.  In fact, a loathsome HUGE blackhead is finally out!! I’m sooo happy about that.  I can already see that my nose looks a lot less like a strawberry and more like a smooth apple. 

After extracting all these blackheads, I followed up with a serum and face mask. Very important to ensure that the pores tighten properly and not get clogged up with dead sebum again!  So far, the changes in my skin are still subtle but I think I like the direction it’s going in!  My T-zone is surprisingly less oily than usual too!  Yay…I think I will really save money in the long run because I might not need facials anymore.

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