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I finally went to Saveur for lunch today for my intern’s leave-do and it has been a long awaited affair. The abstinence was necessary to ensure interest in the food and observation of changes.  The last time I went to Saveur was in Mar 2013. That’s almost a year ago!

So…some changes noticed:

The price of their signature Duck Confit is now $12.90++ instead of $10.90++. Photo courtesy of my colleague.

Their Beef Bourguinion too has increased its price by $2 to $16.90++.  Also…I wonder whether the portion of the beef has reduced because this is how their beef used to be circa 2013:

Well, can’t complain because the most important thing is that the TASTE doesn’t change and it didn’t. Saveur’s food quality is still maintained although they have opened a new branch in Far East Plaza last year and they’ve also opened an Americano bistro thing at The Cathay.

When I see ‘Specials’ in restaurant menus, I tend to order them because the staples can always be consumed another day. So this time round, we ordered their Salted Caramel Lava Cake (S$9.90++).

Look at that well of salted caramel! I should’ve taken a video of how it overflowed/oozed onto the plate when my intern did the honour of making the first cut. This dessert was simply divine. I wanted 2 of those. All to myself!! The scoop of whipped cream was the palate ‘cutter’ – much to my surprise. It was not sweetened and therefore, lent a neutral tone to the tongue if you felt overwhelmed by the caramel. I want to go to Saveur again JUST to eat this cake and to also nibble on the Salmon Confit (S$9.90++) which I didn’t order. Yum.

So, if you don’t already know, Saveur is located at the following addresses and do note, they don’t take reservations and at these prices, don’t expect 5-star service from the wait staff either:

5 Purvis Street
Talib Court, #01-04
Singapore 188584

14 Scotts Road
Far East Plaza, #01-07B
Singapore 228213

Website: www.saveur.sg

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