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Watson’s was having a sale for these Sally Hansen Sugar Coat nail polish. Buy 1 and get 1 free. Good deal right? $14.90 for 2 bottles! Yes…I was lured by the discount and bought these 2 colours. I didn’t realise that it was meant to be sandy textured nail polish. Guess I should’ve read the fine print on the front of the label.  😛

So, after the first 2 coats, they turned out like the above. In my opinion, that’s a little tooo boring. So what did I do? I added heart stickers on my thumbnails and glitter polish to the tips. I also did accent nails by adding a lot of glitter polish.

I must say that I’m not very fond of this sugar coat texture. It was too rough for me. I’ve used OPI’s Sand polish and it wasn’t this bumpy. I know that it’s the desired effect but I like touching my nails from time to time and the rough bumps of the sugar coat polish was not making me happy. Weird, I know. Nonetheless, since I’ve bought 2 bottles, I will go and search for suitable designs that have sandy textures incorporated into them.

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