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Those who know my hair woes will know that I’ve got oily scalp but very dry ends, made worse by my perming and colouring. As such, I normally use an additional leave-in conditioner and finding one that is light and tames the frizz is not easy.

I’m not sure whether you’re able to see from the photo above but the ends of my hair were dry and there was a bit of frizz going on thanks to my exposure to the sun and sea water during my trip to Krabi and I even found split ends *gasp*. So it was quite timely that on my return, I managed to get my hands on a bottle of Shiseido’s Tsubaki Camellia Hair oil from Sample Store. I am thrilled to be one of the few people in Singapore to first try this product and to repair my hair!

Taking it out from the box reveals this flower vase shaped bottle with a twist cap. The oil is dispensed by you simply tilting the bottle and giving it sharp jerks.

For my length of hair, I used about 3 jerks worth each time for 2 applications to ensure an even spread of oil onto my damp, freshly shampooed hair. The oil itself doesn’t feel particularly oily, unlike the Argan oil which I used to use. I don’t quite care for the smell as it reminds me of sickly sweet cough syrup mixed with fake florals. To apply, rub this oil evenly on both palms and I prefer to spread it from the bottom tips of my hair towards the scalp. This will help to repair the damaged hair.

After 1 day of usage, my hair does feel softer and more manageable. As my hair is quite dark, it is a bit difficult to show you the difference in a before/after shot but trust me when I say that it does feel a lot more moisturised. I like that although it’s an oil, it’s not oily and does not weigh my hair down.

After 3 days of usage, I love how my hair has gone back to it’s natural state! It’s moisturised and I love how the oil doesn’t clump my hair into what I call “oil strands”. The top is definitely a lot smoother and less frizzy as seen from the photo above. Can you also see that there’s a definite shine too?

The tips are still a bit frizzy but at least it does not feel dry and is a lot more manageable compared to when I was in Krabi.

I’ll definitely buy a bottle once this one finishes and it’s not very expensive at S$26.90 for 60ml! You can get yours at any Watson’s store where it is exclusively sold from 11 Sep onwards. Cheers to healthy hair!

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