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I caved in and bought a bottle of Matte Top Coat from OPI the other day because I just wanted to try out this contrasting nail art between matte and glossy. To me, this adds in another dimension of texture and contrast while being relatively simple and classy.

So for the above, I used:
Ciate          Peppermint
Innisfree    #23
OPI            Matte Top Coat

I applied alternate nails with Ciate Peppermint and Innisfree #23. After which I then added the matte top coat. I found that the matte top coat dries really fast! Now, with a thin brush, dip it into the normal polish (Ciate Peppermint on the Innisfree #23 base and vice versa) and draw on the squiggles. Following +Robin Moses Nail Art – Nail Art Tutorials, Nail Art Designs, Nail Art Ideas, DIY, Easy Nails, I drew full squiggles only on my ring finger to make it an accent nail while the rest had the squiggle only at the bottom.

To make the squiggles more shiny, I added another layer of shiny top coat only on them. The contrast isn’t very clear in the photo but it’s ok because I like the subtle contrast. It reminds me of the Spot UV printing on catalogues.

Know any more designs and want me to try them out? Drop me a message in my chat box!

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