3rd Christmas Themed Nails for 2014 – Tree, Present & Bauble

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Was inspired by 3 different nail designs by others and decided to do a combination of what I liked into this week’s design. As the base, I used Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel ‘Birthday Suit 110’ for 8 fingers.

Thumb: use 2 pieces of tape to tape up a triangle. I then painted on Sally Hansen Miracle Gel ‘Game of Chromes’. Remember to lift the tape up immediately after painting the triangle on because you do not want it to lift up with some crumbling dried polish. Then, I used a star sticker at the top but this would look even better if you have a star shaped ‘crystal’ or whatever it’s called. Sorry. Having a mental block.

Middle Finger: I used my favourite white nail pen from The FaceShop and the trick is to draw that cross where you want to paint the red ribbon with this white paint FIRST. This anchors the design so that you know where to start the triangles and then the scallops above. I then used my Chanel ‘Red Dragon’ to paint on the ribbon with a fine tipped brush. Wait for this to dry for a VERY long time before putting on the top coat.

Ring Finger: The base is OPI but you can use any plum coloured base. I chose plum because it matches the nude base of the other fingers but you can choose any dark base. The ‘ball’ was drawn by simply dabbing the glitter nail polish (choose your favourite colour) onto the nail like you would with a dotting tool. I then drew on the bow and hanging ribbon with a brush, using the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel ‘Game of Chromes’ but you can use any flat gold polish.

I like how this is simple but yet really Christmasy in a different way (no Santa Clauses/ Reindeers…or gingerbread men…)! You can check out the original inspirations here:

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