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It’s going to be 2015 and to celebrate that fact, my nails for this week are extra bling bling! I used OPI’s “Shine For Me” on my thumb, index and pinky and in 3 coats so that it’s opaque. If you do not want to put on so many coats (removing glitter can be a bit of a b**ch), use a silver polish as a base before applying your glitter nail polish.

For the middle and ring finger, I used The FaceShop’s white and then let it dry completely before adding the glitter ‘tail’ of the shooting stars with a brush. Once that is semi dry, I added the crystal studs but do use silver star studs if you have them. As you can see from my ring finger, I used 2 crystals of different sizes and I found that this made it more interesting instead of using 2 similar sized ones.

What are your countdown plans? I currently have none except to have a hotpot dinner with my parents on the eve and I’ll probably play with some sparklers by myself while downing a couple glasses of champagne. Horribly mundane, I know. Alas, friends of mine whom I used to spend NYE with are now busy with their own plans or they can’t countdown due to the children. Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to 2015 as it can’t be worse than 2014. Cheers people!

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