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Merry Christmas everyone! Above is just a present that I put together named “Spa In A Pot” and in some ways, I too need a spa or rather, a relaxing day without any worries. As I reflect on 2014, I must say that it has been a stressful year that taught me many lessons and despite being over 30, I am still learning more about myself and life has a funny way of reminding you that you’re still young in the eyes of the Lord/ universe.

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I am thankful for some colleagues who are the silver lining in my grey clouds. Their laughter, listening ears, advice and most importantly, their friendship. 2013 and 2014 are the years where I find out who among my colleagues are true friends and who are those who are just friendly.

Thank you for the lovely presents from people whom I never expected to receive special presents from! The thought behind the gifts also show how much they know me and thought about the presents.

Mum makes the best meals from Christmas leftovers!!

I’m grateful for my family, despite their predictability and our constant moments of passive aggressiveness, it is this that grounds me. Just like how it amuses me that despite 11 years of begging at the table and not getting a single scrap, Baileys will still do so in hopes of getting whatever yummy stuff we have.

True friendship stands the test of time and I’m very thankful and blessed to have a group of friends who’ve stuck with me for 14 years and counting. We’ve seen each other grow, seen 2 get married and 1 give birth to 2 beautiful children. Sure, we’ve got our little run-ins but all of us have taught each other about friendship, relationships with the other half and also, what it means to be a good person.

I’m also glad that I managed to take a long leave this year and in doing so, managed to recharge my batteries, take stock of my health and just be at peace with my ambitions. I may want to do 10,000 things but my body is not able to catch up both physically and mentally. I must pace myself. Also, I’m also happy to have made new friends during my Yoga retreat in Krabi!

Yes, 2014 has been full of ups and downs but I can only move forward. I do anticipate 2015 to be a lot more exciting because I do have 2 exciting projects in the pipeline and I can’t wait to share them with everyone once they have gained more confirmation.

I do not want to make any resolutions because it would be hard to keep to them. However, my goal for 2015 is to lead a more fulfilled life by balancing health and doing work that motivates me.

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