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Remember this set that I bought last year? I finally used 2 of the nail stickers last week for my Spring inspired nails:

I’ve always been a bit hesitant with nail stickers because my previous encounter with them was not the best. However, these proved to be a lot thinner and malleable compared to the previous ones that I’ve used before. Hence, there were no odd lines or lumps when I smoothed it onto my nail. Nonetheless, it’s not the easiest thing to put onto my nails because I accidentally tore a slight hole into the sticker when removing it from the plastic. Oops.

I just realised that the set only gives 2 sizes of 1 design…so one of my hands had to use the smaller sticker! Not perfect. Oh wells…

Another thing about using these more expensive nail stickers was that it was true to the instructions – the stickers did remove easily with nail polish remover. Although it came out in slightly gooey bits that required a rinse under the tap afterwards.

Guess that nail stickers really are the way if you are too busy to paint your nails every week or can’t afford to do monthly gel/gelish manicures or would like funky designs that are humanly impossible to draw on.

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