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Day 1 of our inaugural Beauty Week saw a second workshop in the evening entitled “Shape Your Windows To Your Soul”. The idea was to learn about different face shapes and which eyebrow shape suits each of them. However, we’re all a combination, so it’s also about learning which one really suits our face.

It was a very hands on workshop as each participant was given an eyebrow pencil and asked to redraw their eyebrows based on what they think their brows should be. After which, Leticia of Exquisite Aura went to everyone to touch up and correct their brows.

All the participants raved at how they saw marked improvement in their eyebrow shape and it was a really fun atmosphere as we each saw the transformations. Every single one of us couldn’t help but exclaim to each other how their eyebrows were looking better than before!

Challenge for us now…to keep up with the brows!

Leticia also brought samples of the Japanese lash extensions that she uses for her clients. They were super soft and felt almost like natural lashes. This is why the lash extensions that she does for clients do not poke the eyes uncomfortably.

Leticia also shared that for her, she glues each extension onto every SINGLE strand of eyelash, which is considerably more tedious than what a lot of beauticians do – glue 1 extension to 2 or 3 strands. Hence, with proper care of these extensions, they can last up to a month without any irritation as the lashes can grow out naturally. Moreover, by gluing individual strands with the extensions, the lashes will not break off easily as they are allowed to grow plus the added benefit is that you can wash your face as per normal! Only exception is NO oil-based cleansers and NO mascara on said extensions.

Another lesson learnt – the difference between Japanese and Korean lashes. The Japanese like the doll-effect and so the lash extensions tend to be longer in the middle and highly curled. The Koreans on the other hand, are looking for the length so it tends to be long at the outer edges of the eyes.

All attendees to Pásshen‘s Beauty Week were treated to a S$50 voucher for semi-permanent make up (eg. eyebrow embroidery) or 10% discount for eyelash extension to be used when booking made via www.passhen.com. To know more about the services and classes that Exquisite Aura has to offer, please click here.

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