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Received this product in my Sample Store Beauty Show goodie bag and this MD/AA Oil-Water Dual Balancing Gel is supposed to help those with oily skin as well as tighten pores that happen to be enlarged by black and white heads. Sounds like my kind of product!

The pump bottle is really slim and at 10ml, is very light and fits nicely into your handbag or make up pouch. This is really meant to be a little bit like a primer of sorts and so it should go on AFTER your moisturiser but BEFORE your make up. This also helps to prevent clogged pores. It claims to be made with Cold Spring Water from Taiwan…so I’m guessing that it’s also banking on the fact that it’s chockfull of minerals?

After a week of usage, I must say that it does work for about 4 hours before a touch up is required but lazy me doesn’t bring it around with me plus I’m usually not bothered with my face until I go to the toilet and that’s where I start blotting. I don’t think my pores are very much tighter but that’s perhaps it’s only after a week. Nonetheless, I do notice that there aren’t as many blackheads on my nose this week and it’s probably because of this MD/AA balancing gel.

For S$37, I do think that it’s a bit on the steep side considering that it’s only 10ml and you would need to use it at least twice a day, unless your skin really isn’t that oily. Or you could just use it once a day just for the tightening effect and use it on a longer term basis.

If you’re interested to try it out, head onto!

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