4 Weeks Into the 60-day Metabolic Tune Up Programme

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4 Weeks Into the 60-day Metabolic Tune Up Programme
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One thing that I really like about this 60-day Programme is that it is really not your typical ‘diet’ programme where you eat like a rabbit and then meals become loathsome because you can’t eat a lot of things. In fact, the programme ensures that you enjoy your usual high calorie meal…but only once a week.

My reset meal of Prime Rib with fries

Called a ‘reset’ meal, this is to ensure that your body doesn’t go into fat conservation mode and then lower your metabolism as a result. This is one key difference that I realise that a lot of diets don’t factor in, simply because they’re looking at the usual calories in < calories out = loss in weight formula. However, the body is too intelligent for its own sake and once calories are lower than usual, it will counteract by ensuring that your calories out decreases too! That is why I often hit a plateau very quickly in my previous weight loss journeys and then put the weight back on once I went back to normal foods.

This week saw a lot more questions from my friends who asked, “Have you lost weight?” and it’s no surprise when I did my weekly measurements and saw that there were some ‘significant’ inch losses too. From the start till date, I’ve lost 1.3kg and that’s a healthy amount, which is also quite a happy surprise to me because weight loss with endometriosis is really tough.

metabolic tune up programme
Neck: 14.3″
Waist: 35.8″
Hips: 40″
Neck: 14.1″
Waist: 35.1″
Hips: 40″

Something that I do understand that may be a bit difficult is the planned timing of the meals. I usually have my breakfast at 11am, lunch at 3pm and dinner with the parents at 7pm. If you’re working in a regular corporate job, you probably may need to adjust to eat breakfast at 8.30am, lunch at 1pm and dinner at 6 to 7pm. Again, the 4 hours between meals is not that strict. I stick to it because I eat just enough to last me through the 4 hours but if you do need it to stretch it by 5 hours, you can do so and just simply eat a little bit more for breakfast/lunch with ‘good’ items such as proteins or complex carbs. The most important thing is NOT TO SNACK in between. If I find myself getting hangry before the 4 hour timeframe, I know that I definitely need to eat a bit more for the next meal as well as the next day.

My workout regime is pretty simple…I get bored easily, which is why I signed up for Fitness Boot Camps and the Kickboxing & Self-Defence classes. But for the other 4 days in the week, I do the planned workout schedule as given to me by my physical trainer Joel. The schedule is definitely important because as an exercise noob, I would lean more towards cardio because jogging/cycling/using the elliptical machine are just easier than doing weights. This is another key difference with the other weight loss programmes that I’ve been through, as those normally focus solely on diet.

Moreover, with the accountability group that I’m in through this programme, if I don’t exercise, I will get nagged for sure. The fact that Su Lee dishes out what exercises she does for the week is rather motivating because, if someone in her 50s can do those HIIT exercises, why can’t the rest of us do so? It’s also quite amusing to see how even Joel gets pointers on his meals when he sneaks in some processed ‘junk’ inside.

Looking forward to next week’s weigh in!

To find out more about the 60-day Metabolic Tune Up Programme, please click here.

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