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I think Sing and Moon should be wondering when I would have this posting up. Well, let’s raise our glasses to denote the demise of Mystique Gifts as a business. Due to registration problems, conflicts etc, we’re only limited to carry Mystique as a small scale thing where the government doesn’t even define it as a business. We can’t do any conssignment orders and neither can we make corporate gifts unless under direct orders from clients. Our website, which will be up for a year will only be our online catalogue. Nothing more, nothing less. It will also be the place where we’ll be placing notices of our porcelain painting class. Do I sound resigned, sad and pessimistic? Well….I can’t help it. This is what happens when not all 3 people have the same goals and ideas for the business. Furthermore, family also plays a role on how we’re supposed to live our careers. To add, some people are always held back by their fears. Mystique may revive in its full glory later in life..however, now, it’ll just be like a temporary phase…just the way a lot of people want it to be…and this may not necessarily be our wish. I am so tired…I’m also at the boiling point that I don’t want to argue anymore for Mystique Gifts. I’ll just let things be the way Sing and Moon are willing to go with it.

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