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My comp crashed again. More specifically, my harddisk crashed again. The prob? The same bloody thing…bad sectors and 3rd master disk BAD. I’m anti-Western Digital right now. They don’t even have a proper customer service outlet and to make things worse…their company is under another name…which makes things confusing. I’m utterly appalled. Western Digi is under some other company here…but they don’t give a list of brands of computer-related stuff that they’re working on. Furthermore, there are NO signs at the warehouse as to WHERE to go to pass your faulty item to. Such irritating thing. Made me waste my time AND money. Pissed off. And my HD had to crash now. When I’ve got all my deadlines and stuff. Thank goodness I’ve got a habit of sending friends my soft copy of my stuff. Luckily, I sent my CV to my bro. *sigh* I’m completely defeated by technology sometimes. It can be your greatest friend or your worst foe.

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