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There is no use in envying others
All of us have our own paths in life.
Sometimes, our paths will cross
And as friends, we walk alongside each other
Nonetheless, we decide our own future and the scenery that comes along with it.
Sometimes, our paths will diverge and probably never meet again.
I am still thankful for the company when it did run parallel
And am grateful for the lessons learnt throught our time together.
It’s hard to understand our meaning in life
What is life to begin with?
Is it a race?
Is it a marathon?
Why are we working so hard for?
People always say that success cannot be measured in dollars and cents
Ironically, these same people use money to legitimise one’s success
Now pondering and wondering about my purpose here on earth,
I feel like being a citizen of Mars or Mercury.
Exam crazy speak? Perhaps.
Ah well…3 down, 2 more to go.
I’m not stressed nor mad.
Just in awe that I’ve reached another stage in life.
Stuffed toys ought not to line my walls anymore.
I’m no longer a child nor a teen
My future’s still murky.
How much is really within my control?
Astrology. Epistemology.
Ah heck. I’ll just leave things be in the hands of the big guy up there. 🙂

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