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Ok, I bought this Japanese Mochi New Year Cake (ie. 年糕 or 鏡餅 kagami mochi in Japanese). Instead of the traditional bitter orange on top, I bought one with a cat!! This cat is supposed to welcome love…hehee 🙂 There’s one with a cow and that’s meant for health and there’s another cat meant for wealth. So cute! I bought this in preparation for the CNY. I’m not sure how I’m going to eat this….its not sweetened like our Chinese New Year Cake. I’d probably buy some red bean paste…I think. Still very undecided.

Well, its Christmas Eve…so HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!! 🙂 Tis the season of joy and to remember the incredible love that God has for us to send his son down. That’s really the significance of this day…although technically speaking, Christmas might be in June etc. In other words, 25 Dec isn’t really Jesus’ birthday…but that’s something else to debate upon. 😛

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