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Yet another colleague will be leaving us…and she decided that she would like her farewell lunch to be at Poulet. This is the 2nd time for me at Poulet and you can read my 1st review here.  I had a relatively big breakfast so I wasn’t hungry come lunch, so I only ordered a French Onion Soup and Tomato salad.

The French Onion Soup ($6.80) was ok.  I wasn’t too impressed with it and it had this taste that reminded me of minestrone.  Was there tomato in this soup?  The thickness of the soup was slightly questionable as well. 

My salad ($9.80) came in a jar!  It contains vine cherry tomatoes tossed with feta cheese, basil, golden raisins and a hint of maple syrup.  I’m tempted to recreate this dish but I’ll add in a bit more basil, sea salt and truffle oil.  I liked the fact that the feta cheese was minimal and therefore, didn’t overpower the whole dish.

We decided to share a jar of tiramisu, which also came in a jar!  Sorry…I can’t remember the price of this.  Taste wise, it doesn’t disappoint but I wish that there was more alcohol/ coffee soaked biscuits. 

I’m definitely not a raving fan of poulet and I’m glad that they’re also serving affordable French cuisine but my preference is for Saveur.  Désolé Poulet!!

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