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It’s cheat day and I indulged in Once Upon A Milkshake’s new offering of Shibuya Toast where the mascot is the super cute Shiba Inu named Hachiko.  I opted for the single with pecan, butterscotch and an additional banana, which came up to a total of $5.50.  The buttered thick toast was nice and warm which made the lovely contrast with the cold vanilla soft serve ice cream. The taste of this dessert is very much expected, so don’t expect a party or fireworks in your mouth as you devour each morsel.  If you’re sharing, I suggest going for their double toast which has a thicker toast and 2 servings of ice cream.  Cost depends on the toppings but their basic double toast is $4.50.

What I didn’t get was…why didn’t OUAM provide take-away packaging? I had to gently put this gem into a plastic bag in a manner such that the ice cream didn’t touch the plastic bag! To make things worse, I ordered this from their small shop at Raffles City, which meant NO seating…um…even if I were to eat it within the next 5 minutes, I’ll still need to carry this thing around…

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