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It’s Oct and the countdown to my birthday begins! As usual, this will be my wishlist and non-wishlist for my 30th birthday…*gasp* where did the time go?

I would like:

  1. Sponsorship for an iPad mini
  2. 40% more pay (hur hur)
  3. DVD player that I can hook up to my iMac?
  4. Faceshop vouchers

What I wouldn’t like:

  1. Body cleansers
  2. Body lotions
  3. Hand creams/lotions
  4. Chocolates
  5. Food in general…unless it’s dinner or lunch 😉

Well, that’s all! I realise that my lists get shorter and shorter with every year.  Guess that’s a good thing!

I’ve already planned my party and it’s just a matter of everybody who says that they’re turning up to actually turn up!

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