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Let me introduce you to Bella’s (Mike Bellafiore) latest and 2nd book.  It’s a little late, I know, but I’m dedicating this post to it and this is NOT an advertorial. Bella was in town in July for our iFest 2013 and I’m really thankful that he came down so willingly although he would’ve made more by staying in New York.  I consider Mike one of the best in the business and what makes me such a fan is because he has no airs, is humble and is such a nice person.  I’ve encountered so many sales traders, trading ‘gurus’ and other investment personalities and most of them are such divas (yes, they’re all men too).

Loved the personal message that Mike wrote in my personal copy of ‘The PlayBook’.  It was quite funny how Mike was semi-covering the message before handing me the book. 🙂

‘The PlayBook’ was a trip down memory lane for me because Mike was in Singapore for iFest 2012 where we held a course together.  There are so many snippets of his trip to Singapore in the book as well as all the ‘Playbook’ trades by his traders which were covered during the course!  This is really a good book for those who attended last year’s course as well as for serious traders who learn by example.  These professional traders put in A LOT of hard work to earn the amounts that they do.  What sets them apart from the unsuccessful ones is simply – hard work and a whole lot of passion.

Blur me didn’t realise that I was acknowledged in the book because I tend to skip the acknowledgement pages.  Oops.  But when I did find out, I was grinning from ear to ear and felt really touched.  Humbled even.  Also, a sense of accomplishment.  All the work done last year and this year felt validated while I managed to gain a very valuable friendship and mentor.  Mike will tell you how important it is to have coaches in one’s life.  To me, a mentor is just that too! Someone who inspires you and imparts knowledge to you – whether he/she actually realises it.

I guess that is what both of Mike’s books do.  Not just give you an insight into the lives and psychology of professional proprietary traders but also to mentor you, set you on the right trading path so that you can learn and be successful in your own right.  I sound like such a fangirl but it’s true.

I find that a lot of coaches/mentors are saying the same things over and over again but a lot of people just don’t get it.  However, I also read that it takes 90 days for a habit to break or form.  So, everybody, time to learn the lesson and put it to practice.  As Irene Ang said during the recent Passion Unleashed, the road of one’s passion is often paved with a lot of failures before you reach success.  Don’t give up.  I take all these little blessings in life as my fuel to get through all those trials in life. 

If you would like to purchase the book, you can go on over here to get 10% discount AND a trading bootcamp course for free (free delivery in Singapore).  Do feel free to mention that you read about the deal from my blog!

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