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If you’ve been following my blog, you would’ve read about my previous post on Trying Out Bee Choo Hair Treatment. It has been 2 weeks since my first treatment and here are some further comments on their treatment.

Another colleague of mine goes to the Tiong Bahru branch and her hair length is longer than mine. She was shocked to find out that I paid $46 when she paid $38, which is the price I should be paying according to their infographic on their website!

Photo credit: Bee Choo Origin

So…my friend and I are going to the Tiong Bahru branch next week and see what price we’re going to be charged at. If they charge me at $38, I will seriously consider getting a package there.

When I told this story to my colleagues and bosses, one of my colleagues then told me that the Clementi branches is apparently one of the busiest, which is why the staff there tends to give a little more attitude and are “too busy” to give you the scalp analysis at your first visit. Instead, they will insist that you go on a weekday for this scalp analysis. Well, that’s not too convenient for us office workers.

She then recounted her last experience with the Clementi branch which really infuriated her. As per my previous post, the staff there will try to upsell the tonics or ampoules while you’re having your hair done. So this colleague of mine told the staff attending to her that she doesn’t want to buy a new bottle of hair tonic because she still has a large bottle (another brand) at home. The staff then told my colleague that she should bring her tonic to the next hair treatment as they will be able to incorporate it into the last step of the treatment. And that’s what my colleague did. However, that staff was not there on my colleague’s next visit and the other staff were unwilling to use my colleague’s hair tonic on her. This made my colleague really angry because she felt like a fool and it gave others the impression that she was being cheap when she wasn’t. She just wanted to finish her hair tonic before getting any more from Bee Choo! Thus, she now refuses to buy any hair tonics from Bee Choo and she was boycotting Bee Choo until this month because she’s starting to find that more of her hair is starting to fall again.

Conclusion? You might want to avoid the Clementi branch but their products are probably quite good.

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