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Sorry for looking a little weird but this is me at 10.30pm after a long day at work and ready to wash off the make up from my face!

This is Biore’s Aqua Jelly Make Up Remover that is supposed to effortlessly remove make up and is Japan’s No. 1 makeup remover brand! It even specifies on the front label that it’s for removing MASCARA. Yes! Finally. I love my waterproof mascara but ever since FANCL decided to drop its retail stores in Singapore, finding a similar alternative has been a struggle (especially to the wallet).

I don’t wear a lot of makeup at work but as you can see from the above photo, I’ve got eyeliner as well as mascara (waterproof!) on and for my foundation, I had on BB cream. All are really toughies to clean with simple cleansers and some oil cleansers require a second wash.

Instructions were to pump 1-2 times onto dry hands (no need for cotton pads or tissue paper) and then spreading it evenly across the face. The jelly texture was really smooth and almost liquid (this version is an improved formula for smoother jelly consistency); containing 40% of moisturising essence so that your skin isn’t dry after the wash. After spreading gliding it over my face, all I had to do is rinse off! It was that simple.

Above is just after the wash. As you can see, all my mascara was washed off with out any panda eyes or bits left on my lashes! The eyeliner was also completely washed off while my pores are slightly more visible now thanks to the lack of BB cream.

You can see that the oil from my face has also been washed off so my face is looking a little more matte. However, it was not dry nor squeaky. It did leave my skin feeling quite refreshed! Maybe it was also because I was pleasantly surprised at how effective it was.

Because it doesn’t strip off moisture while cleaning, this is really suitable for all skin types. Even those with sensitive skin like me.

For only S$24.90 per bottle (230ml) and easily found at all leading pharmacies and departmental stores, Biore’s Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover is really a bargain! Does anyone want my old oil cleanser??

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