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Met Cubey at the bus stop on Saturday and she informed me that a classmate of ours in Secondary School is now 5 months pregnant.  I had a similar conversation with Mel Li about friends our age becoming mothers and the reaction that I normally have is as follows:

1.       Shit! Am I that old?

2.       Shit! I want one too!!

3.       Darn…but I don’t feel that old

4.       Harumph…where’s my boyfriend and hubby-to-be lurking?

5.       Bbbutt…my career hasn’t settled yet!!

Yes…more and more of my friends are getting married, settling down, becoming fathers and mothers.  Gosh…I definitely have NOT crossed that path in life yet.  Am a happy bachelorette except when those maternal instinct/ bio-clock starts ticking.  As a former tutor said to me once, “Your expiration date is coming.” Gah….

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